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Additionally, the devices that gather information about others that may subsequently be used for covert surveillance today are not relegated to government alone, as presented in the novel 1984.

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home security systems with cameras

" I intend to put as much publicity warning people about this company across the nation as I possibly can. I'm contacting the Attny. General in both states, the BBB which has NINE pages of complaints against SILVERLINE SECURITY. SILVERLINE SECURITY IS A RIP OFF. Sliverline Security Company is a total scam!My husband was solicited by one of the companies young sales person promissing high tech security to protect my home. Sensors were placed on all of the lower level windows, front and rear doors and second floor outside of my three bedrooms.

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, to assess the overall environment and coordinate operation among the different sensors/devices—and/or provide instructions to the different devices based on the collection of inputs and programmed processing.

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